10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Center Stones

10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes For Center Stones

10 Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Center Stones

Selecting a diamond for an engagement ring or special gift is an exciting time, and there is an expansive selection of choices. Trying on the different styles and being able to hand select your piece is part of the experience. When it comes to finding your ideal diamond, personal preferences are just as important as the technicalities of color, cut, clarity and carat weight. No matter what your diamond preferences are, knowing them will focus your search for the perfect stone and help guarantee you’ll find a style you love.

The Importance and Symbolism of Shapes

Each diamond shape has characteristics that determine the quality of a specific stone. These popular shapes also have an impact on how a piece of jewelry looks and feels. Most center diamonds, such as those used for engagement diamond rings or pendants, are one of the ten popular favorites listed for you here – but this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Keep exploring if you’re curious or haven’t yet found a shape that for you is “the one.”

Each Diamond Shape has Its Own Style

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond: Also abbreviated to simply “brilliant,” this has been the most popular diamond cut for centuries. It has unrivaled sparkle and brilliance, is beautiful in a variety of settings, and is flattering to almost anyone’s fingers.

Princess Cut Diamond: A fancy cut diamond that’s often square in shape, with pointed corners. This shape is highly efficient, meaning less of the rough diamond is removed. Princess diamonds have nearly the same brilliance as round diamonds.

Oval Cut Diamond: Think of this diamond shape as a stretched version of the brilliant round shape. Although modified from a round, it still has similar fire. The elongated shape creates the illusion of greater size because the extended part of the shape faces up.

Cushion Cut Diamond: Because it’s a rectangle or square with rounded corners, this shape resembles a pillow. The combination of lines and curves is gorgeous, evokes 18th and 19th century diamonds, when this shape was the most prevalent style.

Emerald Cut Diamond: This rectangular shape with blocked corners and parallel faceting creates a hall-of-mirrors effect. This popular diamond cut was originally developed for emeralds and features large facets that produce dramatic flashes of light and dark.

Asscher Cut Diamond: This elegant square shape diamond has blocked corners that make diamonds appear octagonal. This popular shape is named for the family responsible for its invention. The concentric squares of this shape are mesmerizing, and particularly suited to square halos or vintage styles.

Pear Shaped Diamond: Traditionally worn point out, this teardrop shape stands out from the crowd. On the finger, it has a slimming effect, with spectacular sparkle similar to a round diamond on the curved end.

Marquise Cut Diamond: This shape is similar to a pear and slimming but pointed on both ends. Its long, narrow shape makes it appear quite large for its carat weight, and complementary side stones nestle up well against its longer sides.

Radiant Cut Diamond: A rectangle or square with blocked corners, this shape is a modern design developed in the 1970s. It combines the features of emerald and round brilliant diamonds for defined edges with tiny shimmers of light.

Heart Cut Stones: This symbolic diamond shape is universally equated with love. It especially appeals to proud, hopeless romantics and is at its best when not overwhelmed by a setting with large prongs. This unique shape can sometimes be hard to find but is worth the search.

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