Why Is Gold Jewelry So Popular?

Why Is Gold Jewelry So Popular?

FEB 18, 2022

Why Is Gold Jewelry So Popular?

People have been irresistibly drawn to gold jewelry since Pharaohs walked the earth, giving it as gifts and wearing it for all types of occasions. Fresh from the earth, gold has a warm, sun-drenched hue. Yellow gold color is the most popular for jewelry, but white and rose gold colors have seen surges in interest too. Green, grey, purple and blue golds also exist, but are used rarely and sparingly, typically as accents.

The Allure of Gold

Whatever the color, gold has a luminous, alluring glow. This explains why it has been valued for millennia across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas – and why our love affair with gold continues today. Some of today’s most exciting gold jewelry comes out of Italy, from contemporary designers like Marco Bicego and Roberto Coin. At Simons, we carry hand-selected picks from the best of these two names, as well as many other world-class designers, incorporating all varieties of gemstones, available in yellow, white, and rose color variants.

Timeless Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a timeless choice for everyday jewelry, bolder special occasion pieces and engagement ring and wedding band styles. It’s a great look for anyone, but especially those with warmer skin tones.

Yellow gold gets its warm and luxurious hue from the addition of silver and copper to its composition, which result in more durability. Like all colors of gold, it comes in a range of shades, depending on its purity. For example, 18 karat gold has a richer, deeper color than 14 karat gold, while 10 karat gold has the lightest yellow color, and at Simons, we prefer the finest 18 karat jewelry.

Striking White Gold

A traditional choice due to its durability, white gold accentuates the beauty of diamonds. Giving a whiter and brighter appearance, white gold is a popular selection for engagement rings and bridal sets.

Colored gemstones pair with white gold to result in an especially lovely look on cooler skin tones. The color of white gold used in jewelry comes from the addition of palladium. This precious metal shifts the natural color from golden yellow to silvery white.

Romantic Rose Gold

Rose gold, sometimes called pink gold, has a blushing color that establishes it as the most romantic hue of all the golds. It makes a statement used on its own and is on-trend for bridal and fashion jewelry styles when set with diamonds in white, champagne, cognac or black.

Rose gold’s striking-yet-soft color is created by introducing a bit of copper to the gold alloy. The more copper in the alloy, the rosier the shade. Rose gold isn’t for everyone but continues to rise in popularity because it looks beautiful on any skin tone.

Find The Perfect Gold Piece At Simons

Surrounded every day by inspiring collections, we’re full of ideas for how to wear and style gold, in all colors. Whether you have an elegant black-tie event in mind or want something casual enough for every day, we’d love to help you select the best complement your skin tone and style. Please visit us any time at our store in Clayton!

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